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Welcome to Enskede Advokatbyrå (Enskede Law Firm)




Enskede Advokatbyrå was founded in the middle of the 80’s and has since then existed centrally in Gamla Enskede. Our main practice areas are in the fields of real estate law, family law, including inheritance and gifts, and also residence permits, asylum etc. Nowadays you can find us on Stora Gungans väg 12 in Gamla Enskede.

We are a small law firm with close and personal relations to our clients. Although we are a small law firm, we still have access to a huge network of other Barristers, auditors, real estate brokers, surveyors and other professionals, both academics and craftsmen as well as others. We feel confident when we say the interests of our clients will be looked after in a careful and reliable manner. This is because we, just like all other law firms, have to observe the Code of Conduct with all that it implies. Of course we also provide assistance with applications for legal aid from the State or legal protection cover from an insurance company.

We speak swedish, english and italian.

Telephone 08-648 75 60


Enskede Advokatbyrå, Stora Gungans väg 12, 122 31 Enskede, tel: 08-648 75 60